Custom Orders


Welcome to TotallyIndian, your vibrant online marketplace for everything Indian! We understand that sometimes, you're on the hunt for a unique product that may not be listed on our website. That's why we've designed an exclusive haven for you called "India's Treasure Trove." Here, you can unleash your imagination and request custom products tailored just for you. From exquisite handicrafts and traditional attire to regional delicacies that awaken your taste buds, we're here to fulfill your every desire. But wait, there's more! Our dedication to your satisfaction knows no bounds. In addition to our extensive inventory, we offer a seamless experience that extends beyond our platform. Need a specific medicine, a hidden gem from a local shop, a popular item from Amazon, or even a precious parcel from your loved ones? Simply share your desires with us, and we'll bring them to your doorstep with utmost care. At TotallyIndian, we are driven by your happiness and committed to delivering an extraordinary shopping experience. Embark on a captivating journey through our diverse range of products and unleash the power of custom orders today!